California: San Manuel Stadium Shuts Down Games, Clarifies Stadium Rental COVID Requirements

The Inland Empire 66ers, the Los Angeles Angels’ minor league affiliate that plays its games at San Manuel Stadium in San Bernardino and which also serves as the stadium’s manager, announced Friday, Jan. 22 that the team will only allow youth games or events at the stadium that meet state health requirements.


The 66ers released a statement Friday that said groups renting San Manuel Stadium in the future would be forced to adhere to state and county health restrictions.


“In an effort to ensure all health guidelines are adequately met, we have updated our facility rental guidelines,” the 66ers statement read. “All current and future third-party lessors of the facility will be required to provide a detailed plan of use of the facility to not only our organization, but must also provide written correspondence from local regulatory agencies that their plan of use meets current health guidelines for youth sports and  adult recreation prior to any future use.


“This added measure will help ensure that all use of the facility meet current and ever evolving future health guidelines set forth by the state and the county.” Source: San Bernadino Sun

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