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Baseball Directory receives 165k unique pageviews every year. Our audience is primarily travel baseball parents from across the USA.

We offer horizontal ad banners at the top of each page, below our menu and above the page content.

2021 Advertising Rates:

  • Home Page: $100-$500/month, billed monthly
  • Category Pages (Camps, Showcases, Tournaments): Starting at $100/month, billed annually
  • Region Pages: Starting at $50/month, billed annually
  • State Pages: Starting at $15/month, billed annually

Wait! There’s More!

When you buy ad space on Baseball Directory, we include the following extras at no cost:

  • A Zoom interview with a representative from your company, to discuss your products. We will post this video on our website and social media channels and make the video available to you at no additional cost.
  • Your link on our monthly email blast to over 300+ parents and coaches.
  • We’ll create your banner or square advertisement, if you don’t have an in-house design staff.

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